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SONY for Apple XBA-2iP Prestige in-ear headphones

SONY for Apple XBA-2iP Prestige in-ear headphones
  • SONY for Apple XBA-2iP Prestige in-ear headphones
720 RON TVA inclus
Promoție: 630 RON TVA inclus

Experience Balanced Armature Headphones

Sony has brought together a wide range of technologies to create the Balanced Armature Headphone series, featuring the world’s only Balanced Armature (BA) drivers optimized for music enjoyment. Because these driver units can be freely tuned, they are capable of a wider range of sound, and by combining full-range, woofer, super woofer and tweeter units, they can be layered together for a highly nuanced sound experience. Thanks to the driver’s micro sized construction and high sensitivity, these headphones are able to maximize style comfort, sound insulation, sound leakage prevention and even waterproofing, all while providing great sound quality. Sony BA headphones deliver a new high-quality music listening experience.

Double Layered Housing

The combination of Magnesium inner housing and a special ABS outer housing reduces unwanted vibration and realises smooth sound response to reproduce clear and distortion-free sound, especially in the mid to high range. Double Layered Housing Design allowed Sony to achieve superior sound quality and noise reduction.

  • Woofer
    Sony’s original sound filter structure blocks higher frequencies while amplifying lower ones. The woofer unit reproduces richer, deeper and powerful base.

    Full Range
    The core Balanced Armature driver design produces an even response across the full sound range, with improvements over ordinary balanced armature unit for high frequencies. The characteristic of flat and uncoloured mid range reproduces crystal clear and profound vocal sound

    A specially designed diaphragm, coil and damper are used to enhance playback of high-end frequencies. The tweeter unit reproduces bright and detailed high notes.

    Super Woofer
    The super woofer unit improves playback of very low-range frequencies to provide a full, rich bass sound that can be felt with the whole body. It also harmonises each units to reproduce rich expression through all frequencies.


    • 6g noise isolating in-ear headphones for iPhone, with Balanced Armature drivers, woofer and 1.2m cord
    • Dual Balanced Armature drivers
    • 4Hz-25kHz frequency range
    • Dedicated built-in woofer unit
  • Producator
    2 ANI
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