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Sistem Home Cinema HKTS 65

Sistem Home Cinema HKTS 65
5 300 RON TVA inclus

Designed to serve as a fully integrated home theater loudspeaker package, the HKTS 65 is a music and film fan’s dream system. Harman Kardon® engineers have crafted all of the system’s components to work together, resulting in a rich, realistic, all-encompassing sonic performance. Five voice-matched satellite loudspeakers with powerful, flat-diaphragm midrange drivers and smooth-sounding CMMD® Lite dome tweeters for the front and surround channels are augmented with a lusty, down-firing wireless subwoofer to ensure a fully balanced playback environment. You can place the video-shielded speakers near your TV without causing magnetic interference, while the system’s carefully engineered 2-1/2-way crossovers help ensure smooth transitions between the satellite speakers’ high-frequency tweeters and midrange drivers. The system comes with a variety of cables and mounting brackets that help you place the speakers nearly anywhere you want. And you can expand the system even further by upgrading it to 7.1 channels and adding HTFS 3 floor stands. By elevating your home theater from the ordinary to the truly extraordinary, the HKTS 65 ensures that you’ll have a best-in-class cinema experience.

    • 4 SAT-TS60 satellite speakers for front left/right and surround left/right channels
    • 1 CEN-TS60 center-channel speaker
    • 1 HKTS 220SUB powered wireless subwoofer
    • 1 wireless transmitter for subwoofer
    • 1 power supply for subwoofer transmitter
    • 1 AC cable for subwoofer transmitter power supply (varies with region)
    • 4 wall-mount brackets for satellite speakers
    • 1 wall-mount bracket for center speaker
    • 4 bracket stop plates for satellite-speaker wall-mount brackets
    • 1 23' (6m) RCA LFE/subwoofer cable
    • 1 23' (6m) mini-jack trigger cable for subwoofer
    • 1 13.1' (4m) color-coded cable for center speaker
    • 2 16.5' (5m) color-coded cables for front satellites
    • 2 32.8' (10m) color-coded cables for rear satellites
    • Owner’s manual
  • Producator
    Harman Kardon
    2 ANI
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