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LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB

LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB
  • LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB
  • LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB
  • LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB
  • LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB
  • LaCie 5big NAS Pro 10 TB
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Today's small businesses require lightning-fast and ultra-secure professional network storage. Their employees must have anywhere and anytime access to files, with a convenient interface. Network storage also needs to back up all the office's computers, regardless of the operating system. Enter the LaCie 5big NAS Pro. With speed, reliability, and complete usability, it's the go-to solution for small business network storage needs.

Introducing the True Hybrid Cloud
With the LaCie 5big NAS running NAS OS 3, you get a true hybrid cloud: integrated network-attached and secure cloud storage. LaCie is alone in the market having its own cloud storage product, Wuala. As a result, LaCie is uniquely positioned to deliver a seamless hybrid cloud solution.

Easy Setup, Seamless Integration
Simply connect the product and install the Wuala client, and instantly you have 100GB of free trial Wuala Business cloud storage**. Wuala file system integration means both network and cloud storage mounts on your computer just like an external hard drive. So you can easily drag and drop files onto the LaCie 5big or the cloud. It also lets you access and work on files wherever you go – and even edit files with productivity software – without needing to download them.

Complete Compatibility
Not only does Wuala work on Windows®, Mac®, and Linux, but also on mobile devices (iOS™ and Android™). Just install the Wuala app on your smart phone or tablet to gain access to any file stored on your LaCie 5big. Make your data as mobile as your employees are (but constantly available).

Faster Internal File Sharing
Boost your business productivity with read speeds up to 200MB/s in RAID 5***. The LaCie 5big is powered by a dual-core 2.13GHz Intel® 64-bit Atom™ processor and 4GB RAM. It also features dual LAN and link aggregation for optimized network speeds. This combination optimizes file transfers between employees, and even provides enough performance to edit video.

Work Smarter, Work Together
Using Wuala, you can set up automatic files syncs between computers and the NAS or computers and the cloud, ensuring everyone’s looking at the most current version of files. Sync makes sure that an employee in sales, for example, won't use an outdated price list, or be unable to pull up marketing collateral during a sales pitch. Since your Wuala Business users have access to a shared pool of storage, it's easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Professional Security, Suitable for Novices
The LaCie 5big goes the extra mile to protect your data. In addition to industry-standard RAID modes, the 5big is the first LaCie product to ship with SimplyRAID, which makes RAID management easy enough for any novice. Either manually select a RAID mode such as 5, 1▴, or 0, or activate SimplyRAID. It ensures that even if you're not an expert, you still benefit from the best data security. Sophisticated protection. Simple usage.


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