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Extender HDMI TV Anywhere Wireless HD 1080p, MARMITEK 08331,

Extender HDMI TV Anywhere Wireless HD 1080p, MARMITEK 08331,
1 399 RON TVA inclus
  • Watch TV anywhere in your home, without laying any cabling! Best value for money in our range of wireless HDMI solutions.
  • Wireless HDMI signal transfer (up to 50m) through walls and ceilings without quality loss or noticeable lag.
  • Supports video resolutions up to 1080p (Full HD)
  • Watch your favourite TV programmes or films from your decoder, media center PC or Blu-ray player in HD quality on a 2nd TV/projector or on your smartphone/tablet (through a free app) anywhere in the home.
  • Operate your AV equipment remotely using the infrared return feature.
  • Connect your keyboard and mouse to the receiver to control your PC remotely.
  • Loopthrough enables you to watch the same content at two locations simultaneously.
  • Supports HDCP and is fully compatible with all HDMI versions.

Send your decoder's HDMI signal to any location in the home.

The TV Anywhere Wireless HD offers wireless HDMI signal transmission of connected audio/video equipment to a TV or projector. The HDMI signal will even pass through walls and ceilings error-free, without any quality loss or noticeable lag. Now you can watch TV wirelessly anywhere in your home without needing a TV connection at that location, eliminating the need to lay cables.

TV in the loft, bedroom or conservatory
This makes it very easy to watch television in the loft, or place your television anywhere you want without considering the availability of a TV connection. The infrared return ensures that you can always continue to operate your TV decoder or other connected HDMI devices, even those placed out of view. So, with your TV decoder in the living room and your (2nd) TV in the bedroom, you can always switch to another television channel from your current viewing position. 

Plug & Play
The TV Anywhere Wireless HD consists of a transmitter (sender) and a receiver. The transmitter connects to any HDMI source such as a TV decoder, Media Center PC or Blu-Ray player. Connect the receiver to the (2nd) TV and the set is ready for wireless HDMI transmission!

Watch at two locations simultaneously
The HDTV Anywhere Wireless HD's transmitter features an additional loopthrough output, ensuring you do not lose an HDMI output on your HDMI source. This enables you to also connect a (1st) television in addition to the HDMI source. This so-called loopthrough connection enables you to simultaneously watch the same film or series at two locations in the home, and you don't have to switch cables if you want to watch football alternately in the living room and, for example, the conservatory.

Remote PC operation
When a PC is connected to the transmitter, you can also operate the PC remotely. To operate this PC, connect a keyboard and a mouse to the receiver. Now, using your (2nd) television, you may work on your PC or laptop that is located elsewhere in the home.

Also watch TV on your smartphone/tablet
The TV Anywhere Wireless HD comes with a free app, enabling you to also receive a copy of the signal indoors on a smartphone or tablet. So, go ahead and simply take your tablet to finish watching the last half hour of your favourite film in bed. For a really nice effect, just try out the app in combination with a pair of VR glasses, suitable for smartphones!

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Tip semnal HDMI
Tip extender Wireless
Alimentare DA
Rezolutie Maxima 1920 x 1080 (FULL HD)
Suport HDCP DA
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